Friday, 1 February 2019

Lovely memories 3

The exams week is still going strong, and I don`t really have time to write a proper post. The last couple of posts ( like the one about my skincare - HERE) were pre-written because I knew I`d be busy and stressed this week. So today I`ve decided to make another post with my old photos, like the one I did last week (THIS one).

My mum snapped this photo while I was getting ready to go to a play in which my first boyfriend starred in. The play was absolutely amazing!! It was about bullying, and it was really powerful. But look at my hair!!!!! So long and beautiful ahhh

Last summer I helped my friend while he was bartending. I enjoyed it as it was so funny, seeing so many people! I totally wouldn`t mind helping out again.

Just before the Scorpions concert started!! Rock n roll is my soul, and there is nothing I enjoy more than going to rock concerts. Unfortunately I wasn`t in the pit, but the tickets were quit expensive for that area. I still had amazing time nevertheless :D

My little doggy and I - isn`t she a cutie?

It`s so crazy to me to see my room so white!! That wall is now full of colorful artwork and pictures, and there`s also a climbing plant across it! 

On the way home from a trip to Greece a few years ago. I really enjoyed the nature as we actually spent a whole month camping in Greece - I felt like a true hippie and I l-o-v-e-d i-t.

Ahahah I don`t know why, I just love this photo! It`s me and a friend from high school, sitting on the floor at this park that young people go to in the evening to hang out. 

The day I went to Guns N Roses concert!!! I am still in awe about that day, I`ll have to do a whole post about it. Guns N Roses are one of my favorite bands.

Well, that is it for today! I`m hoping against hope that I did my exams well... We`ll see. And you go and have a fabulous day :)

- Milena xx

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