Wednesday, 23 January 2019

That time I... visited Nice, France!


Another post about my travels is here!

This is quite possibly the cutest city I ever visited - I could imagine myself living there! We arrived early in the morning, around 6-7 AM hence why some pictures are cloudy. But even that early, and with cold(ish) temperatures, there was a ton of people jogging and riding bicycles along the coastline! So inspiring.. can you imagine living near the sea and having to look at such beautiful scenery every morning?? Such a dream.

Here are some pics of the water... I am obsessed with sea and ocean. I don`t know what it is, I just don`t think there is anything more beautiful and more calming than the clear blue sea. 😍💙

And the city... The city looks as if it`s from some fairy tale. Honestly! All the buildings are different pastel colors of yellow, orange, pink, red, ... the streets are narrow, but not so narrow that you feel claustrophobic. When the sun started shining and the clouds disappeared and left the sky bright blue, it looked so happy and dreamy. And may I add French men are... fine af 👌

Look how funny their traffic lights are! I have never seen anything so cute, they`re so small!

Before we had to leave, we sat on the beach soaking up the Sun, and the fresh smell of the sea. I have never seen such clear water on any other coastline I`ve ever visited. I have to go back one day, and spend a bit longer here.. Look at the last two pic, I tried capturing these cute little sparrows playing near the water!

I hope you enjoyed this post. There are no photos of me because I looked awful - the previous night we`d spent in the bus, driving from Spain... I look half-dead at all the pictures hahah

- Lena xx

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