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My Skincare!

Hello my beauties! 

Skincare is something I care about a lot. I believe that no makeup can match to the beauty of healthy skin. I also

For a long time I didn`t do anything with my skin - I didn`t put moisturizers, nor creams nor anything. My skin was never bad so I thought there was no need for any of it still.

But then I realized that my skin was very dry, and that it was probably inevitable for it to only get worse and worse with time. And I didn`t want to get wrinkles when I`m 20 years old, so I started looking into skincare more.

I watched people on Youtube raving about some skin products, different creams and elixirs and moisturizers, but I was always wary of anything that goes on skin because skin is our largest organ. Everything you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream and makes an impact on your health immediately, without you noticing it. If you eat organic food to avoid chemicals and be healthy, why do you put creams full of chemicals on your whole body and face?

Of course they don`t put harmful things in something that people will massively use, but I cannot say I believe that it is all 100% harmless. It was made in a laboratory.

Also I was wondering what if I take advice from someone online - a youtuber, or a blogger, and it turns out that their skin care wasn`t good in the long run and my skin starts looking bad in 10 years? Where`s the proof that it will be healthy for me?

After a quick thinking pause I had my answer: I`ll just copy my mum`s skincare and modify it a little, because my mum has great skin! She never goes to facials or anything like that because it`s expensive, but her skin looks better than most people I know her age! She looks at least 10 years younger than she is and has next to no wrinkles nor Sun damage.

Obviously, everybody`s skin is different and  I am NOT saying you should do what I do. I`m just telling you what I find works for me.

Before I go on to my skincare, I have to say that the most important thing for skin is food that we eat and how much water we drink. If you have cracky dry skin, try drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day (about 60 oz? 0.5 gallons? :) and cut down all sugars. Increase your intake of veggies and fruits, and try to eat less simple carbohydrates such as bread, past, pastry, etc. Give it a couple of weeks, and you`ll see an improvement I promise!


  • Cleansing

I wash my face with water every morning. I used to use face soaps, but I`ve come to the conclusion that they will make your skin look beautiful - but that your skin will get dependent on it and if you skip a day or stop using it, your skin will immediately get oily and dirty.

I discovered this when I went on a vacation and forgot the soap; my skin was worse for a couple of days, and after it cleared up my skin was as good as it was before and I was using only water now. This is what companies do to make you keep buying their products. It`s the same with lipbalms - you need to keep reapplying them every 5 minutes either your lips get all crackly and dry!

  • Exfoliating

 I exfoliate my skin maybe once a week, sometimes once in 10 days. I don`t know whether that is good or not, as some beauty vloggers do it almost daily, but I just can`t imagine it being healthy, stripping your skin off all natural oils and protection so frequently.

I try to be all-natural with it as well, as little particles from store-bought defoliators frequently contain small particles that end up going into the ocean - and I hate the thought of that! I use ground cornmeal that you can buy at a grocery store and it is wonderful! I just mix 1-2 tablespoons of it with a 1 tablespoon of water, and voila! :)

  • Masks:

The only mask I use is Green Clay mask. It tightens pores, reduces shine and removes impurities. I`ve been using it since forever, it works great and it`s natural. I put it on probably twice a month, when I remember to haha

Green clay mask

Green clay mask

  • Moisturizing:

Every other day I put almond oil while my face is still wet with water (without water skin wouldn`t be able to absorb the oil). My face looks oily for 2-3 hours (but it doesn`t look bad, it just looks glowy), but after it`s all soaked in, the skin is left soft and healthy looking.

I don`t do this every day because I don`t want my skin to get used to oils and stop producing it`s natural oils, that`s why I do it about 3 times a week.

Almond oil

On days when I don`t put oil, I use Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day cream (this one). It prevents wrinkles by supporting skin`s own anti-ageing process, and it also has SPF 30 (protects from Sun damage).

Honestly, the reason I chose it is because I used to get pimples when I used some other creams (like Panthenol for example) and mum told me to try hers, as it never gave her any problems - and it worked! So for the past year-year and a half I`ve been using it and it`s worked wonderfully!

Nivea Q10 Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day Cream

Nivea Q10 Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day Cream


My bodycare is very simple. Very. Also very similar to my face care routine haha

I put almond oil on my wet skin after taking a shower, tho I don`t put it every day as I don`t want my skin to get used to it and stop producing it`s own oils. I use a homemade soap my mum makes to wash, as I find it much healthier for my skin than the store-bought ones (I know for sure there are no chemicals, etc). And I exfoliate my skin with ground cornmeal about once a week - just like my face haha. Simple, yet works wonders!

Homemade soap my mum makes

Homemade soap my mum makes

I do use this Chamomile Hand and Nail Cream by Green Pharmacy. It has pretty much all natural ingredients and real chamomile extract. It smells wonderful, and leaves my hands soft for a long time (it DOES NOT dry them out in 20min so that I have to reapply it again - like most hand creams do!)

Chamomile hand and nail

Chamomile hand and nail cream

This will be it for this post, I know it`s very loooong and very detailed, but hopefully I could help someone 😊 `Till next time!

- Lena xx

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