Friday, 25 January 2019

Lovely memories 1


I have a ton of pictures, well, because I am obsessed with taking pictures... Don`t judge me, it`s a great hobby to have! With photographs you get to capture all the moments that would`ve otherwise have a big chance of being forgotten!

Anyway, I thought I`d do a couple of these `Lovely memories` posts, as there is so many photos I have yet I don`t look at them very often.

The first time my dog met a duck - a baby duck, that is! 

Before I realized what a fiasco the Fantastic Beasts movies would be! Look at that smile on my face, ahh while I still thought anything to do with Harry Potter`s magical world can`t possibly be bad

When I dressed up to go and watch Chicago play. The scenography was breath taking!

A picture my friend snapped of me while we were in the first row at a concert. Just look at how happy I am! I sweat I`m at my best when I`m at concerts!

Me getting ready (doing my makeup) for my 14th birthday. I`d managed to convince mum to let me do my nails professionally and try on heels for the first time, so I was the happiest person in the world lol (I did not wear heels anywhere in public, don`t worry!)

Some of my favorite photos - one of my best friends and I waiting for concerts to start, sitting on the floor in the first row. In the first photo we`re 19 years old, and in the second we`re 18! We had to wait a couple hours, so I decided to sit as I didn`t want to lose all my energy just for standing. So she sat too, and after half an hour everyone in fan pit were sitting on the floor too! We also started singing, because I don`t have a sense of shame, it seems ahaha

Isn`t it a staple to make a heart out of rocks when you`re on summer holidays, even when you are not in love?!

Once upon a time I actually used to dance tango!

The most beautiful sunset I`d ever seen.

Until I come back with a proper post: bye, and hope you have a lovely day!

- Milena xx

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