Sunday, 27 January 2019

I am publishing my first book!

Yup, you`ve read it right! I AM PUBLISHING A BOOK.

Well, not at this right second. Right now I`m just trying to survive my exams that are starting tomorrow. Yaaayyy! (can you sense the sarcasm?)

But assuming I do survive the exams, I will get back to what I`ve been doing the past couple weeks: editing my book for publishing.

I`ve decided to self publish it as it seems like the best option for me right now. I will publish it as an ebook, and print only a couple of copies - in case somebody does want to have a physical copy of it. In case people like it and a publishing company approaches me, I`ll be more than happy to sign with them! As long as I like their offer that is, of course.

I have done the biggest part of the work: the writing. But there is still a lot left to do, so I`ve decided to make a list of all the things I need to do before putting it into sale:

  • Finish drawing the illustrations. I have 5/25 done so far. It`s a week`s worth of work at most.
  • Scan the drawings and have them in electric format, ready to insert while editing the book.
  • Find an editor and let them do the final editing (wrongly typed letters, check the grammar, etc) 
  • Format the book. Scratch that. Learn how to format the book.
  • Format the book.
  • Choose a font
  • Make the cover of the book
  • Get someone to write the description.
  • Get portrait done
  • Write author`s bio
  • Final editing
  • Make two versions: ebook and a physical 
  • Find out how self publishing on Amazon works
  • Set up a proper paypal account and card
  • What are royalty fees? Do they exist in my country?
  • Copyrights?
  • Shipping cost to other countries/continents? 
If I think of something else, I`ll add it to the list. But so far, this is what`s on my mind. Slowly but surely, I hope to finish everything by the end of this year.

- Lena xx

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