Friday, 18 January 2019

Hello & happy New Year!


I haven`t been here in soooo long, yet it weirdly seems like a couple days only - time flies by WAY too fast for me *sniff sniff*. If only I could say I was busy with work or something, but I`ve been busy with being tired... aghh! I can say that from today I do feel a bit better, though I have bad back pain.

In a week my exams start and I`m trying to learn as much as I can now, so that I don`t get too stressed during the last half of next week, but it`s a tough call. Oh well, I have faith I`ll manage it all (somehow).

Tomorrow I`m going to do a photo-shoot with a friends - I`m actually going to be the model!! She said she likes my eyes and would love it if I was a model for her photography assignment in uni, which is such an honor! I`ll post some pics here if they turn out any good.

I have sore throat and runny nose and it`s such a hassle, but I managed to work out for half an hour this morning. Nothing much, but just some exercises to get back into my workout routine slowly. I`ll try and go to sleep before 10 tonight, as I think sleep will help me. And I need to try and not be completely sick tomorrow morning for the photo shoot.

That`s it for now, really, I`ll come back with more life updates soon I hope.

- Lena xx

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