Thursday, 24 January 2019

Bits and pieces

I thought I`d do a short recap of what has been happening for the past month - since I`ve been gone from the blog. I am the worst blogger, I knoooow - but nobody reads this anyway, right?

Here`s a short recap in points, as I can`t find it in myself to write a proper post!

I passed all my December exams.

I am back on gluten!! I haven`t eaten it for a year, but after a blood analyses my doctor told me I can start eating it again (and it`s been my downfall..... I`ve got to cut carbs asap!!)

I interconnected with my dear friend M after a year, and went to listen  to her play music live at a birthday party! I`m waiting for my exams to finish to see her again and I can`t wait.

I cut my bangs. Again. ... and I couldn`t be happier about it!

On New Year`s day (well, on the 31st) I went to two of my friends` houses and did their hair and makeup for the parties they were going to that evening. It was so nice to see my friend N again, as I hadn`t seen her for a few months due to our crazy schedules in universities. I wish I could see her more often, I love her and her company very, very much

I celebrated New Year`s eve and Christmas at home with my family, and it was very nice. Listened to some 80s music!

Been sick for over two weeks, but managed to get over it without antibiotics! Flu is truly a terrible thing...

Finished final project for my web design class (we had to make a mock up of our portfolio website) and I am very proud of it! I am waiting for professor`s feedback on it, and am thinking about actually using it when I decide to launch my professional website

Jessie Cave. She`s the actress who played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter movies. Well, I accidentally stumbled upon her instagram and found out she is an artist now - and I love her artwork so much!! You can check it out HERE, but it`s just so cute and bright and simple and creative!

My January exams start on Monday and I am SO scared (!!!) I really want to pass them, but at the same time I`ve, for some unknown reason, been finding it really hard to concentrate on  my studies. I know I have to do it, and I have the will to do it, I am just in a bit of a funk!!

I STARTED EDITING MY FIRST BOOK!!! I`ll write more about this in a separate post :)

Hope you`re doing well.

- Lena xx 

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