Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Another 5 weird facts about me


So some time ago I wrote a post about 5 weird facts about me (check it out HERE) and it was SO fun thinking of all the weird things about me. Well, to me they`re normal, but are probably weird to others hahah. So I decided to write another one, as I was amused thinking whether I`ll be able to finds 5 more facts that not that common! I did it(!!!)

Here they are:

1. When I had facebook in high school, I set my last name to be `Mercury` as in Freddie Mercury`s last name. I`ve just always loved that man sooo much and thought he was the best musical vocal that ever existed. Anyway, kids from school used to call me that because of my facebook name and every time we had mercury mentioned in tasks in chemistry, they`d read my name instead of saying mercury ahaha

2. I can only blow my nose using my left hand. This was so funny to me when I realized it, because I didn`t notice it before! When I was a kid I broke my right elbow and due to complications I wasn`t able to use my hand for a very long time - so I used my left hand for everything. When my arm became functional again I switched back to it and learner writing with it, but I guess I got used to doing everything else with my left hand!

3. I was born on the same day as Michael Jackson - 29th of August! And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Michael Jackson. You cannot imagine how amazed and in awe I was when I discovered we shared birthdays (I was  around 11-12 when I got into his music). Like destiny!

4. Another birthday related fact: when I was in high school, there were two other people in my class who share the same birthday as me! And I actually celebrated my 19th birthday with one of them! Him and I dressed the same: Black jeans and red plaid shirts and it was so funny! Everyone laughed and was so confused when we opened the doors to let them in ahaha This is us! (unfortunately I don`t have any more pictures as I used my phone for music, so the whole night it was connected to the stereo :(( )

5. When my sister was a baby, nobody understand what she was saying (they thought it was jut baby gibberish) but me! So I`d always translate it for everyone hahah Honestly, everything she said seemed so logical to me, couldn`t understand how they didn`t get it!

- Lena xx

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