Friday, 7 December 2018

The most relaxing thing... lavender bath ♥

HOLY COW THIS IS A DÈJÀ VU - this moment of me uploading these exact pictures while writing a blog post. Like I literally have seen this picture in my mind already, it`s so familiar!

Anyway, today I am going to write about one of my favorite ways to relax: a hot bath infused with essential oils! I was supposed to post my outfit of the week, but I didn`t find time in the mornings to take pictures, and by the time I was back home the light wasn`t good for taking pics anymore (that`s what`s it like during winter..)

I have always loved filling my bathtub with hot water and just relaxing - this is a rare treat I let myself have maybe once or twice a year. But recently I was having a really bad headache and I wondered if a hot with essential oils would help relax a little - it did, a lot!

I put a couple of drops of mint, one drop of balm and tea tree essential oils and - my favorite, a couple drops of lavender essential oil! You can`t imagine how relaxing it smelled, my 2x2m bathroom (approximately 7x7 feet) started feeling like the most luxurious spa in the existence!
I got into the warm water, closed my eyes and let the warmth and the beautiful smell take away all my worries and tensions. 

You know, this is something I`d really recommend to anyone experiencing stress. You can also just put a couple drops of lavender essential oil in your hair - it will smell beautiful and will have the same calming effect 😊 well.. without the hot water hugging you.

Oh, and don`t forget to put on some Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald! Their music is just so classic and soothing and beautiful, I can`t imagine there`s a person who doesn`t like them!

What is your favorite way to relax? And what is your favorite essential oil? Tell me in the comments!

- Lena xx

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