Wednesday, 19 December 2018

That time I... went to Rome, Italy

Hey lovelies 😊

I have really been enjoying making these posts about my past travels, I can`t stop thinking how sad I`d be if I lost the pictures, and by making posts with them my chances of accidentally losing them are slightly smaller :)

Rome is a very big city, with big streets massive buildings. I was impressed with how it looked because it was nothing like I`d imagined it when I watched it on TV. I was so surprised when after 10-ish minute walk trough the city center the ruins emerged - there, in the middle of it! So crazy!
There are historical ruins in the city I live in, but nothing this big. Makes you speechless.

We had a tour guide and heard a lot of information about history behind the ruins, but it`d take me approximately 6 hours to write it all down, so I`m just going to skip that haha you can read it all online!

The Colosseum on the inside:

I was so thirsty and tired here!! And hungry as well lol I snapped a picture to send my sister haha

All throughout Rome there are beautiful fountains. You`d make a turn left and pop into the next square: voila, there is a fountain prettier than the last one you saw - and when you saw the first one you thought there was no way something even more beautiful existed! Just look at the photo below and how tiny that man taking a photograph is compared to the statues in the fountains :O

On the pictured below is the most famous fountain - the Trevi fountain. It really is breathtakingly grandiose, but I cannot possibly explain to you how many people there were. You literally couldn`t move in any direction, it was as packed as a city bus during winter!

People throw coins in the fountain for luck - there is a set set of things that you have to do before throwing a coin in relation to what you wish to get. Do you know how much money they get out of the fountain each night? 3000 euros!!! That`s around 1.5 million per year! (it is illegal to take the money out, so do not try it :)

The crow, oh the crow... Sooo many tourists, and this was May - I don`t even want to imagine how many people are there during the summer months.

These are the twin churches at Piazza de Popolo. I loved this square, my friends and I just sat on the floor and looked at our surroundiings. Mind you, we could barely feel our legs at this point, after about 8 hours of walking that day and the burning Sun!

A very very bad picture of me, Tiber river and Vatican in the background. I decided not to go into Vatican this time as the line was tooooo long and I thought it would be smarted to spend the rest of the day walking and exploring Rome, instead of waiting in a line for 3 hours. But I have got to visit it one day, purely to see the magnificent ceiling of Sistine chapel Michelangelo painted!!!

I think next time I`ll write about my time in Italy, but in which romantic city? Wait to see ;)

- Lena xx

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