Saturday, 1 December 2018

That time I... went to Barcelona

Hello lovely people!

I have decided to write about my past travels, as not to forget all my adventures (check out THIS post where I wrote about Monaco..) and today I wanted to write about Barcelona! As I have a lot of photos, and the post would be so long if I posted all of them at once, I`ve decided to split it into two.

Here we go!

I think I can`t even try to explain how impressive this cathedral is. The parts that were built after Gaudi has passed away (their most famous architect) are not nearly as impressive as the original parts of it, but it is still amazing looking. I don`t think I could ever possibly explain how many little details there are, I was quite scared when I saw it. So impressive.

And then we went to the main shopping street! I was so curious to see it, because it has this big path in the middle that you walk in, and then on both sides there are stores, just like any normal shopping street. But the twist is, that between the part where people walk and the shops there`s actually a lane for cars on both sides! 
It was so trippy, trying to not to get run over while walking towards a shop hahah

They have the most amazing market place I`ve ever seen. Every fruit imaginable, and you can get them chopped up and ready for eating! This was actually the first time I tried coconut - I`ve only ever drank coconut milk as coconuts we get here where I live are quite expensive, and frequently already spoiled by the time they get into the markets. But this one was dream - coconut is my favorite food now! (I can`t wait to go somewhere like Barcelona again, and eat it again!)

And some random pictures from the center 😊

Oh and I just had to snap a picture of this girl`s shoes - they were sooooo pretty! They`re like my dream shoes, I`ve gotta find them somewhere. Gosh I totally forgot how cute they were until I saw this picture haha - thank you stylish stranger!

I will get to editing the photos for the second post about Barcelona as soon as I can :) But for now it`s a goodbye!

- Lena xx

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