Saturday, 8 December 2018

That time I... Went to Barcelona Part 2

Hello my lovelies!

The second post about my trip to Barcelona is finally here :) Sorry for waiting so long, I had a ton of pictures to choose from... HERE is the part one, in case you haven`t seen it!

Look at this beauty, just look at it! Ahh I can`t explain how grandiose it looked, so massive and classy.

Of course I had to be the monkey I am and climb on those tree roots.. Ok, ok you got me - I am not a monkey and I almost died trying to climb off, but a girl can dream hey?

You`ll laugh so much at me now, but you cannot imagine how amazed I was when I saw parrots just flying around the trees. Here where I live there are no parrots, only pigeons, sparrows, and sometimes a few crows. Seeing parrots, such exotic colorful birds just fly around normally was so weird! Very lovely too, as they are so incredibly cute!

Andddd we went to the aquarium! I love going to these, I am so fascinated by sea creatures. I do admit it is not the best one I`ve seen in my life, but it was pretty awesome!

Anybody there obsessed with how beautiful and graceful jellyfishes are? I would never want to meet one while swimming in the sea because I`m forever afraid of their sting, but they are so mesmerizing to watch.

How amazing is this? They are actually about 2-3cm tall! So tiny! I actually can`t believe I took such good picture with my phone haha (iphone 5S)

I found this very funny - they had Harry Potter billboard taped to the side of the mall. Anyone who knows me knows I`m obsessed with Harry Potter! I wondered if it was just put up for some promotions, or they just casually let it hang there for the past 7 years, since the last movie came out hahah.

Until next post!

- Lena xx

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