Wednesday, 12 December 2018

That time I... visited Venice, Italy

''A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him'' 

Too bad I was a romantic to start with 😍

Hello wonderful people of the internet! It makes me so joyous to say that today I am writing about my most favorite city in the whole entire world: Venice! I fell in love with that city, it is the most magnificent human-made place on Earth!

Look at this beauty. Just look at it. I`ll wait. Aghhhhh so mesmerizing! Piazza San Marco contains one of the most beautiful buildings I`ve ever seen in my entire life.. the St. Marks Basilica. 😍😍😍

I couldn`t take pictures of the whole thing because my phone camera is not made for that, but I tried to take pictures of at least couple details. I just don`t understand how people built that. Like, I still can`t comprehend it. I swear I have to go back to Venice, stay there for a month, and just draw and paint every day whole day. This was the first time I saw details painted deep blue and golden, and I was shook by how good it looks.

The streets are narrow, some were barely wide enough for two people to pass trough (and that is when they are sideways hahah), but I didn`t feel claustrophobic at all. Probably because the buildings are such bright colors, yellow, orange & similar.

I think I loved it so much because there is never a straight-line road. And there is always 5 different ways to come to a certain place. Like a beautiful labyrinth at which`s ends there are cute little vintage shops full of knick-knackary, pizza, and ice cream! As long as your imagination serves you, I don`t think you could ever get bored in this city.

In the end my friend and I sat on a small square and sang out loud haha! It was so fun.

Going to Venice has been on my bucket list since I can remember (and there are only a couple of things on my bucket list, mind you). But my friends who have already been to Venice used to tell me it is nothing special, that it stinks of fish, backwater and mold, and it was money not well spent. OKAY NONE OF THAT IS TRUE.

I was expecting to be wishing to leave quickly because I can`t stand something smelling bad, but it did not smell bad at all! It smelled like ocean, it smelled like sea.

How incredible is it to wake up and have literal sea in front of your doorstep? I mean, c`mon! And get this: taxis in Venice are actually little boats hahaha

This, my lovelies, is the restaurant where Hemingway used to go to!! How cool?? And how expensive does it look!? Maybe one day I`ll be wealthy enough to drink a cup of tea there haha

Oh Venice, oh lovely Venice.. Please don`t sink before I get time to see you again for you are the most magnificent place I`ve ever set my foot on..

- Lena xx

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