Thursday, 6 December 2018

Small things that make me happy...

Hello my lovely people 💜

Yesterday I was just about to fall asleep, when my mind suddenly got filled with all the little things that make me immensely happy. Things that might not mean anything to other people, but mean the world to me.

I did not take the time to get out of the bed and write them down because I feared I would totally wake up and won`t be able to go to sleep again, so I am going to write this post over the course of a couple days, until I remember most of the things.

I am using artwork by ROBIN EISENBERG (here is her Instagram). I wanted to accompany this post by some nice pictures, and I love her artwork soooooo muchhhh. So yea, this is not a promo, but check her out, she`s amazing haha. I hope she won`t mind I used her art to beautify this post on my little blog!

1) Spending time in my room when it`s cold outside, my dog sitting next to me while I write or watch a movie. No obligations and nothing smart to do except relax and empty my brain a little. I love doing this most during the holidays, as I have no school on my mind at that time.

2) Baking cakes! But mostly for other people. I don`t know what it is, I just love putting in the work and making a tasty cake (and I mean those difficult to make, eastern-European layered cakes called torte).
A lot of people find baking these cakes difficult and succumb to buying cakes. But a bought cake can never be as tasty as the homemade one, especially if your recipe has been passed down trough generations!

3) The smell of mint tea. I used to drink it almost every time I went ice skating as a child, and now every time I drink it it reminds me of those blissful days filled with laughter and friends.

4) "I Won`t Let Go" by Rascal Flatts ♥ There`s a special reason that songs makes me feel all sweet and fuzzy inside, but that reason will remain a secret ;)

5) Taking a warm bath during the winter and turning on the heather - I don`t get cold when I get out of the bathtub and it`s so nice to feel warmth directly on your skin while everything outside is freezing cold!

6) Feeling the sun on my skin while laying on the beach and not thinking about anything other than the smell and the sound of ocean near me 😍 Also just looking at the ocean. I find it so magnificent and amazing.

7) Listening to old music my parents used to play me when I was a little kid... I swear that fills me up with happiness in 0.1 seconds!

8) Going out with friends on warm summer nights, and getting home at dawn. There is this club that we love going to and usually go almost every week during summer. It`s not a fancy one, it`s popular with broke students (insert laughter) and they just play good old rock n roll. Bring good company and you`ll have the greatest time ever!

9) Listening to Harry Potter audiobooks while painting. I swear there is nothing more relaxing than that. I love Harry Potter, everytime I read it it gives me immense amount of inspiration. So audiobook is perfect for when I`m painting 😊

10) Having freshly painted nails, and my hair styled. It just makes me feel put together and happy!

11) Watching old TV shows I used to love as a kid/young teenager (12-13 years old). It was such a good time in my life, and watching shows such as H2O: Just Add Water, Vampire Diaries, Awkward, or Glee makes me so nostalgic and happy!
Also watching Sex and the City & Friends, as I used to watch them with my mum as a kid, and they represent such a different time (I wish I could go back and experience New York in the 90s for even just a day!)

12) Changing my hairstyle. I always keep changing my hairstyle. And I end up loving each and every one of them! I just don`t like the idea of having the same old style forever, and I change itup once or twice a year at least. Long hair? Short hair? Colored ends? Bangs? No bangs? Layers? No layers?
There`s so many hairstyles to try! Really, I`m lucky my hair grows crazily fast haha..

13) Making art I like. There is nothing that compares to having a brush in my hand, and an empty canvas in front of me. The possibilities are virtually endless, and I get so high with creativity I feel!

14) Looking at old pictures. I do not know what it is, I`m probably just a very sentimental person hahah

15) Dancing to Bon Jovi music - no need to explain this I shall think

Before I go - look at this gif.. Aren`t you in love with it?! I think I have never seen anything more magnificent! It reminds me so much of me, you know - ordinary on the outside but a whole new universe on the inside! (I used to have long brown hair with bangs, it was my favorite hair style so it always reminds me of myself when I see it!)

What are small things that make you happy? Let me know in the comments below 🠇 😊

- Lena xx

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