Wednesday, 5 December 2018

November Favorites // 2018

Hey there!

At first I didn`t plan on doing a `favourites` post, because time usually flies for me too fast and I never pick up products every month. But I realized there were actually a couple of things I`ve been loving, so here they are.

  • Eyebrow Colour&Shape gel by Essence in the color 01 brown - mum got me this a month or two ago, and I`ve been IN LOVE with it ever since! I`ve tried many eyebrow products (Benefit, NYX, Rimmel, ... ) and this is the first one that matches my color perfectly (the other ones were a bit too warm). My hair is dark brow with cold undertone, and it is so hard to find something that matches. I apply it with Essence eyebrow brush.. 

  • Foot Mask by Balea - my feet have never been softer hahah

  • Migrainbe Acty Patch by Eurosirel - little patches that you stick to your clothing and they are infused with different herbs; mine are with chamomile. I actually don`t use them when I have migraines, I use them when I`m stressed, their smell calms me down. 

  • Hand cream with Chamomile by Green Pharmacy (HERE)- Can you notice I have a theme going on here with chamomile? Hahaha I used to hate hand creams as every one of them left my skin feeling even more dry after my skin soaks uo the cream, but this one is MAGNIFICENT! It is made from natural ingredients and is pretty much as little harmful as possible. It also smells like a dream 😍💚

  • Clear nail polish. I don`t know why, but I`ve just been loving wearing only clear nail polish on my nails! I used to constantly change my nail color every 3-4 days, when they get chapped, tho I mostly went for red/orange/maroon shades, but I`m loving the refreshed and natural look of nothing but gloss on them.

  • Fuzzy socks by hm - well, any brand goes! These are just cold-weather essentials!

  • This wall display. I tend to change the look of my room quite frequently - every couple months or so. I don`t know, I just love change! The square picture of the sea I actually cut out from an old calendar and taped it to the wall. I am just in love with the colors used, the perfect pink and blue shades. 

- Lena xx

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