Sunday, 9 December 2018

My favorite egg sandwiches recipe

Hey there!

In these posts where I post recipes, I post peals I love. And most of them are not very complicated, as I myself don`t really have a lot of time to spend on cooking (I have school, studying, etc). But at the same time I try to keep it all healthy, while quick to make.

Today`s post will be on a very easy recipe - actually, how I make my favorite egg sandwiches!

You`ll need:

  • Boiled eggs - I use 1 egg for 1 sandwich
  • Bread or a bun - I make my own using whole wheat flour and different seeds (I`ll make a post about how I make them!)
  • Butter
  • Lettuce, cabbage, kale or spinnach
 How I make it:

First I boil eggs and let them cool off for about half an hour (I go do my morning business and drink my tea in the mean time - I wrote about my morning tea in THIS post). But you can also boil the eggs the evening before and keep them in the fridge, if you do not have that excess time in the mornings!

This morning I decided to take two buns, so I cut them in half (like on the picture below) and put them in the toaster. Any bread you eat is much healthier for your stomach if it`s been toasted, so I like doing it every time. 

I let it cool for a bit, and while it it cooling I cut the eggs that have, by now, cooled off. 

I cut them using this handy little device that I do not know the name of haha. It is really great, it cuts eggs in pieces that are the same thickness, though you can do it by hand too.

When I`m done cutting the eggs, the toast is cold enough for putting butter on it! I don`t like when butter melts completely when I make sandwich - I like to taste it. If you like it melted you can totally put it on bread while it`s still warm from the toaster.

And after butter, I just add eggs, a tiny bit of salt and the green vegetables on top! I relly pack it up with vegetable, I like to taste it in my sandwich - and I especially like green leafy veggies like lettuce or cabbage with egg sandwiches!

And voila - you`re done! It takes less than 5 minutes (not counting the time it takes for eggs to cool off), and I am sorry to say It will be gone in less than 5 minutes too as it`s SO tasty!!

Of course you can put cream cheese, mayonnaise or or some other bread spread instead of butter. I just wouldn`t recommend using margarine as it`s extremely unhealthy and bad for blood vessels and cholesterol.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

- Lena xx

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