Sunday, 16 December 2018

Mushroom rice bowl recipe invented by ME


Welcome to the post that features my (current) most favorite dish in the WHOLE WORLD!

Okay, yes I`m getting a little too excited, but I just love food 😍 Eating is something we have to do couple times a day every single day of our lives - isn`t it better if it`s an enjoyable activity?

Here I have the recipe for a mushroom-rice bowl that I invented. Well, it might already exist somewhere in some part of the world, but I`ve never before tried it and I invented it by mixing everything I found in the fridge that day hahaha. I totally didn`t expect it to taste this good!!

What you`ll need (this is for one portion, as I cook just for me):
  • Mushrooms - I used about 80g, but you can put as little or as much as you want
  • Poppy seed - 1 tbsp
  • Sausage (or some other kind of cured meat) - about a handful of small chopped pieces
  • Wholegrain rice - 2-3 tbsp (previously cooked)
  • Butter - 1 tbsp (but you can put  more :P)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil - 1 tbsp

How to make it:

1) Pour olive oil in the warm pan. It is better to put oil in the pan after it`s already warm, as oil becomes less and less nutritional as it cooks

On the picture below is the olive oil I like using, it`s the Greek kind. I tried Italian, but found it had too much flavor for my taste.

2) Put the mushrooms in the pan and roast them until they get smaller (the water starts coming out of them) and start getting slightly brown

3) When the mushrooms turn brown (very light brown mind you, almost beige) put the sausage in. Roast it until the sausage gets a little crunchy - that`s how I like it! And mix it all together

It is important to keep stirring throughout this whole process because if you don`t, everything won`t be cooked the same - and it`s possible that something will get burnt!

4) After it`s all mixed, add rice and keep stirring for a minute or two. The rice is already cooked so you just need to warm it up and mix it with everything else.

A little tip: I usually have a jar of cooked rice in my fridge - I cook it once a week, and then I can use it throughout the week and don`t have to wait for it to cook every time I want to eat it. Also, I use small amounts of rice - a couple tablespoons at most a day, and it would be pointless cooking a couple tablespoon every time haha

5) And now the last and most important step of all: add a little bit of butter, a pinch of salt and a bit of pepper! This all depends on your taste, I personally loooove adding a ton of pepper because I love the spicy taste of it! And putting butter really makes a big difference as well.

Annnnnnd voila! Here is the finished dish! Trust me it tastes better than it looks 😉

- Lena xx

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