Tuesday, 11 December 2018

I am such a cheesy nerd


I was thinking today, and oh boy, oh boy, am I not cool hahaha.

For the longest time I used to wish I was cool, and hated the way I thought.. It`s cool to not care about any of this, ya know? But out with the cool and in with the nerdy & (classy) cheesy! Well, at least when it comes to holidays!

I get sooo excited around Christmas time, I wish there was a rule saying that everything should be Christmas themed from the start of December! Cookies with Christmas-y decoration, tree up and standing 3 weeks prior the celebrations, Christmas colored clothing, nail art, house decorations, music, ... I swear one day when I have money, I`ll get the cheesiest Christmas jumpers I can get and wear only them during winter hahah

But I`m not just nerdy about Christmas - I`m nerdy for other holidays, birthdays, TV shows, books, movies, ...

When it`s my birthday I start planning a month earlier. I start thinking of all the delicious foods i`m going to be making, what i`m going to do with my friends, what i`m going to wear, makeup to put on, ... I spend hours making my birthday cake - it`s kinda been my own little tradition to make my own birthday cake since I turned 18, and decorating my house with balloons and lights and everything birthday-ish.

When it comes to my favorite books.. don`t even get me started on that! I used to love Winnie the Pooh as a kid, and I was the happiest ever having Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, books, etc.. And now I am a fan of Harry Potter and I think I`m pretty sure that the thing I`m going to spend my first pay when I get a job is going to be Harry Potter sweaters and other silly replica from the Harry Potter shop hahaha I swear I`ll make a HP themed party one day and it`s going to be the most extra/epic thing e v e r.

I just love themed things and I love being uncool like that! Anyone with me on this? :D

- Lena xx

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