Saturday, 15 December 2018

How I ruin my books and why you should ruin yours too...


I love reading. I strongly believe that there are no people who hate reading - just people who have not found the right books yet. I think there is no higher form of art than reading words and making you own movie inside your head!

A lot of bookworms  care about books so much that they don`t even like bending the spine of the book, as to not `ruin` it.

But yo, books are something I get to myself to make myself happy; they are something that prompts me to think in ways I haven`t thought before, and evolve as a person! I LOVE highlighting the parts I love, I love making certain quotes stand out, so that I can find them while flipping throughout the book if I am in need of instant inspiration.

And besides, it makes me happy seeing a books that looks worn out because it makes it visible that it served a purpose - it was read and well loved!

Here are some pictures of what one of my books looks like - this is The Alchemist, my favorite book! I am about to send it to my sisters who live on the other half of the Earth haha

What I do is first just underline with a normal pencil the parts I love.. Ain`t nobody got time for making it all cute and colorful while reading - I just wanna reach the next page! Ahaha but once I`ve finished reading it for the day, or once I`m finished reading the whole book, I`ll go back with colorful highlighting markers and go over the underlined text.

I also write down any thoughts I have, or inspiring quotes that I find are perfect for what that part of the book is talking about. Later when I look back at it, this waterfall of thoughts and inspiration come hurling to my mind and I l-o-v-e it!

Here is another book I love: The Fault in Our Stars. Yes, I know, I have read the book after the movie came out, shame on me... Everyone was talking so much about it the year or so before the movie came out that I just couldn`t get myself to read it! I hate when something is so popular nobody talks about anything else..

But as soon as I`d seen the movie I was mind blown and had to read the book (books are always better than movies, it`s a rule!). Anyway, here I actually stuck some sticky notes on pages so that I can find them more easily - an awesome technique also.

Do you draw all over your books, or is it just be? Tell me in the comments below! 😢😊

- Lena xx

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