Monday, 3 December 2018

Bits of my Week #3 Nothing, more nothing + mushroom pie


Well, this might probably be the most boring Bits of my Week post in the existence haha. You see, it`s because I literally did nothing this whole week!

Okay, not nothing - I studied. I studied every day, but as it was so cold outside and I`ve not been having much energy due to anemia I`m experiencing, I just stayed at my house. Well, I did go to the doctor`s one day, and then on Thursday I went down to the bakery to get myself some mushroom pie for lunch, as I`ve been craving it for sooo looong hahah (it was even more tastier than I imagined it!).

The good thing is I finally found which medicine for anemia doesn`t make me feel sick, so hopefully once it starts working I`ll start feeling better. I`m so tired of being tired all time! Who`d guess that tiredness can exhaust you?!

A weird thing: I haven`t wore makeup for two weeks now! And this is very weird for me as I used to do my makeup nearly every single day back in high school and during last year. I don`t know.. I love putting on makeup, it`s such an art, but I feel so beautiful without it. Like, when I wear makeup all the time people around me get used to it and then if I don`t put on makeup for one day they ask me if I`m sick ahahah It`s just easier this way.

On Friday my grandma made this delicious meal that I love sooo much! I have no idea what they`re called in English, but they`re made from baked mashed potatoes. I love eating them with homemade plum jam.

This week I`ll have to leave my house every day as my exams have started. I have studied, but I am not too confident. It`s just because of this freaking exhaustion I`ve been feeling, I`m constantly tired, I sleep half a day, get tired of even reading... Agrhhh! I hope I do fine. As long as I pass them, I`ll be the most grateful person in the world.

LOOK AT HOW CUTE MY LIL DOG IS THO. The cage is her bed, we never lock her in it (only for tranporting). But it`s so funny, she plays with her blanket around the house during the day, and then when she wants to sleep she brings it back to her `bed` aka cage hahaha

When it comes to music favorites - I really didn`t listen to much music this week. Well, nothing worth mentioning anyway. ALTHOUGH Ariana Grande`s video for Thank U, Next came out and.... IT`S LITERALLY THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO I`VE EVER WATCHED ahahah.

 C`mon, a mash of Mean Girls, Legally Blonde & 13 Going On 30?! Such 2000s chick flick classics!

Anyway, hope to have more to write about next week! I know I want to watch a couple of movies with my fam, and I`ll finally have time as exams will be nearing the end! :)

- Lena xx

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