Monday, 17 December 2018

BEST Office memes!

Hello everyone!

One of my favorite tv shows is.. The Office, you`ve guessed it! Wasn`t too hard considering title of this post hahah

This guy I used to like told me how great the tv show is and that I should try watching it, and I am SO grateful I did check it out because it is one of the funniest things I`ve ever watched! It`s not that stupid mainstream funny, it`s sophisticated: just the right amount of mocking, irony and sarcasm :)

I always laugh out loud when roaming around Pinterest in search of memes and scenes from the show (I am a nerd like that...), so I decided to share some of my favorite ones with y`all! Hope you enjoy this art:

This is so me...

And my most favorite one... *drum rolls please*:

Hahahaha I swear these will never fail to make me laugh! Sooo good.. Did you watch The Office? Who`s your favorite character?

Jim and Pam are my heart, but Dwight Schrute can`t not be the favourite!!

- Lena xx

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