Tuesday, 18 December 2018

5 Random weird facts about me


I was thinking today, and decided to write down 5 things that other people think are weird about me. I don`t know, there are so many and people always seem to e so surprised by things I do that it was only right to start making a list ahaha

1. I wear different socks. I buy a bunch of the same ones in different colors and then just mismatch them hahaha The reason I do it is weird also: Michael Jackson used to wear different socks and I love him, he is my favorite artist. His music was there for me trough thick and thin, and wearing different socks just reminds me of him.

2. I sleep without a pillow. I don`t find that weird as my mum often sleeps without pillow too, but when other people find out they are always amazed (to me it`s weird how someone can sleep with more than one pillow! )

3. Horton Hears a Who. Have you watched that cartoon? If you have, then get this: I have this weird thought that we and our universe and everything we know is actually something like Who-ville from that movie ahaha Either that, or we are just an alien`s The Sims game 😂

4. I eat popcorn mashed with yoghurt. Or kefir, either works haha This is so weird, but if I eat popcorn by themselves, 9/10 times I`ll get a migraine. But I`ve found that if I dip it into yoghurt/kefir, I feel fine!

4. I have read Harry Potter series so many times that I am almost embarrassed to admit it.. Hahaha Probably around 20 times? And I keep re reading it every year... I just love the books, they are so well written I find them fascinating! Especially as I want to be a writer one day, reading these really helps me learn how to write.

What are some weird facts about you? :)

- Lena xx

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