Tuesday, 27 November 2018

That time I... went to Monte Carlo, Monaco


So I have a ton of pictures from my travels, but I rarely look at them as they`re all put away in some folder on some hard disk somewhere. And that is very sad because looking at pictures of my adventures makes me so joyful and happy!

Traveling is such a passion of mine, but I am not able to do it frequently for financial reasons. I travel about once a year, if I`m lucky then maybe twice. Therefore every time I get to go somewhere, I enjoy it even more than if I was able to travel more frequently!

In the spirit of not forgetting my travel memories, I will be writing these `That time I...` posts about my past travels, and I`ll be putting up pictures! I hope you enjoy these at least a quarter as much as I do :)

I was always interested in visiting Monaco - you know, Grace Kelly used to live there, Novak Djokovic lives there now, it`s a country and a capital all in one... I was curious to see how it could be possible that such a small country exists and functions by itself!

But I didn`t really think I`d get the change to actually go in a long time, especially not before finishing university, as I don`t have a job. But my university actually organized a school trip around the Mediterranean and it was soooo cheap that it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The old buildings in Monaco are beautiful, just beautiful. They reminded me of Venice a little.

So okay the craziest thing ever - this is the place Grace Kelly got married at! I`m putting a picture of her on her wedding day below the one I took of the cathedral. I am not obsessed with her, but I do love her style and movies - she was such a classy lady.

This next picture was taken from the bus, as we were passing trough the city. I was amazed at how much concrete, and how little green areas there are! The buildings are everywhere, and they are very tall and massive. I don`t think I could ever live there. Just for the lack of space, but I guess that`s what comes when the whole size of the country is 202ha... Still amazing tho!

We climbed to the viewpoint and it was so surreal. Also, climbing there and walking in front of the palace (taking pictures of the palace is forbidden) was crazy to me as once upon a time Grace Kelly walked those same steps. Whaaaaattt

One thing I was really surprised with was the amount of policemen there. They seem to be everywhere, watching your every move. When there is many tourists, especially in a group like we were, they just pop up and stand there around you, it`s so weird and uncomfortable.

After standin on the viewpoint in front of the pallace for a while, I couldn`t stop thinking how trapped Grace must`ve felt, having to be in such a small country and having her every move followed. I guess it`s probably like that for all royal families, but it never downed on me before I actually stood there.

There was so many people taking pictures, that I decided to just sit on the curb and soak up my surroundings a little. I must admit, I was afraid those policemen would come and tell me I`m not allowed to sit on the floor - how silly of me? 😂

This will be the end of today`s post. Ooooh how I loved looking at the pictures! You know what`s funny though?
Even though there were some bad things happening while these pics were being taken (like unimaginable amount of tiredness I was feeling haha) that all seems to vanish when I think about that time. I know that the bad things were there, they just don`t play any role in my memories.. So interesting :O

Now, what city should I do next? I think Barcelona might be interesting, huh?

 `Till next post!

- Lena xx

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