Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Study plans save my LIFE

I am not a person who gets stressed over everything, but exams make me scream internally. I`m sure I`m not the only one :)

Actually it`s not the exams, but rather not knowing whether I`ll have enough time to learn everything that I need to learn. So in my, probably senior year of high school, I devised this study planning method that makes me a lot more calmer (AKA instead of having 6 panic attacks, I endure only one hahaha).

What I do is simple: 

I take a plain piece of paper and draw a grid on it, so it looks like a calendar (I guess you could also print out a calendar for that month, but I just prefer drawing). Usually I make it for 2 or 3 weeks.

The first thing I do is, I think about everything I have to learn and accomplish by the end of those two weeks. But you could also write it down on another piece of paper if it`s easier for you. First I write obligations: things I have to do and can`t miss, like going to certain classes. And I highlight it in one marker color.

Then I think how much time it`d take me to write and tidy up my notes for each subject, and I approximately write it down. For example if I have management notes to re-write, I`ll leave a whole day for that only, or split it in two days - but add another activity besides writing notes. I highlight everything to do with writing notes in another color.

After I finished writing notes, I then write study times. I think of how much time it`ll take me to learn something, and I usually leave a couple days for that as I hate studying for long hours. And then I write revision times - I usually put these almost every day in the last 6-7 days as it takes me less than 30min to revise for one subject.

An IMPORTANT thing I need to keep in my mind is the management of placing subjects. This obviously varies from person to person, but I, for example, can`t study the same subject for 3-4 days straight, and then study another for 3-4 days, etc, etc. Firstly, I get bored very easily when I study so i need to switch it up each day to keep myself interested. And also I f I study everything in a couple days, and then not tough that subject in a week - I will have forgotten half of what I`ve learned, and there`s no use in that.

Here`s an example:

MONDAY: write notes for management & practice work in Illustrator
TUESDAY: finish writing notes for management & study web design
WEDNESDAY: practice web design & practice work in Maya
THURSDAY: practice work in Maya & revise Illustrator
FRIDAY: study management & read English notes & practice coding
SATURDAY: study web design & practice work in Illustrator
SUNDAY: practice work in Maya & study management

This may not work for everyone as we`re all different, and we study different things, but it worked for me in high school (and mind you, I had 16 subjects per year...) and it`s working now - I`m studying graphic design&computer multimedia. Hopefully I helped a little!!

Do you have some study techniques that make your stress level drop down? Please share if you do! 😊

- Lena xx 

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