Friday, 30 November 2018

Outfit of the Week #3 // Cozy & Comfy for Studying


I am coming to you today with the most basic and most-me outfit ever... Gray tracksuit bottom and a large loose shirt! Ok, there is one more basic and more most-me outfit.. An over-sized hoodie and black leggings hahah

This past week I`d spent at home, studying. I literally left the house twice - and I wore tracksuits both times *shame on me* It`s really cold outside, but inside it`s perfect for something like this, cozy and comfy for lounging around my room and studying.

You can`t see it in the picture, but I`m rocking some fuzzy socks - how awesome are they for winter?? A gift from the heaven, if you ask me! 😊😍

  • Shirt - Jacqueline de Yong
  • Grey tracksuit bottoms - LC Waikiki

Hopefully next week`s outfit post will be more creative and/or stylish! What`s your go-to studying outfit?

- Lena xx

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