Friday, 23 November 2018

Outfit of the week #2 // Olive green


Ok I couldn`t wait to post another one of my outfits - it seems so long that I posted last time! Shout out to my beautiful plant in the background, for matching with my cardigan ;)

The cardigan, oh the cardigan! It is the most recent piece of clothing I got, I think I bought it in October. There was a sale at LC Waikiki - and that`s when mum and I go looking if there`s something interesting there haha. It was love at first sight, may I say - and it is still my love!

I don`t remember anymore what`s it made off (anyone else cuts all tags from their clothing because they are annoying?) but it is really warm so I just usually wear a sleeveless tank top shirt under it.

My jeans are my regular skinny leg high wasted jeans I wear most of the time (check out how I wore them last week HERE).  On the first photo there`s a necklace - it`s half of a yin-yang heart, and I have the black piece. I got it in a local shop near where I live, but a similar one can be found at Claire`s (HERE - aww I was kind enough to look it up for you :)

  • Olive green cardican - LC Waikiki
  • Tank top shirt - local cheap Chinese shop
  • Highwasted jeans - h&m

- Lena xx

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