Friday, 16 November 2018

Outfit of the week #1 // Red, Oversized & Thrifted

Fashion has always been a big part of my life. And my style has changed so much over the years! From all-pink, to classic 2000s, to all-black, vintage/retro, and, now, a mix-match of all those (as I now have the clothing from all those styles in my wardrobe).

So I decided to start posting a picture of an outfit each week - a current favorite, just so I don`t forget all my style choices.. and oh boy will it be fun to look back at these one day hahah.

This is my current faaaavorite thing to wear: the sweater/hoodie is old, I got it second-hand from my dad`s relative (I love old clothing, it`s weird😂). I`m pretty sure it`s men`s, not women`s, but I make it work. As it`s so big on me, I fold it and tuck the ends into my bra and secure it with a bobby pin - and voila! A trendy crop top sweater haha.
What would one do without DIYs??

  • Oversized red Russel Athletic sweater (probably men`s) - thrifted
  • Highwasted skinny jeans - h&m
Don`t mind me goofing in the last picture - I tried to somehow take a picture of my jeans, but it didn`t really work out haha. Also, the quality of my photos is not the best - I`m using my phone to take them, as I don`t have a camera.

- Lena xx

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