Sunday, 18 November 2018

My favorite homemade morning tea blend!


Today I am going to share with you my absolute favorite tea blend that I made up! I love teas, looove them! They`re my favorite thing to drink, and I think I probably have 20-30 different ones in my cupboard in the kitchen. Even better thing is that probably half of them come from my own garden in the village (I live in the city, but we go to the village couple times a year as I have many relatives there - a story for another time haha).

I`ve always had poor health, and winter is my ultimate kryptonite... Well, not winter - but cold weather. As soon as the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius I can expect to get sick anytime. So I decided to try boost my immune system by drinking some healthy teas each morning - so I made my own blend that contains all herbs that have vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties.

Below you can see all the teas I put, and below each picture I`ve written what is each herb`s biggest benefit. Now, I`m not saying you will be super-humanly strong after three cups of this haha I`m just saying that taking small amounts of these every day is bound to show some results in the long run.

Here are all the ingredients, and below you can read how I make it, and how much of these herbs I put :)

Calming effects + good for digestion

Anti-inflammatory (good for skin)

Beneficial for respiratory system

or SAGE - anti-inflammatory

Helps improve blood circulation and boosts methabolism

Source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6

Calming effects (for anxiety)

Source of calcium and vitamin K (good for bones)

Good for upset stomach

Good for digestion (plus VERY tasty!)

Lowers blood sugar levels


Vitamin C

Good for digestion and bowels
Now, how to make the tea:

What I do is pour two cups of water into a pot, and put a tiny little pinch of each of these herbs - as you can see in the picture below, and in the end the total amount of herbs is the same as in regular teabag! I put one cardamom seed, two slices of lemon, and about 1cm cubic of ginger.

I let it sit on stove until the water starts boiling, and then turn off the stove, put lid on the pot and move it to another part of the stove that is not hot for 5 minutes (the longer you leave it to boil, the more vitamins and minerals it`ll lose). And then just strain it and pour it into your favorite cup!

Oh, and you can add a teaspoon of honey if you like the sweet taste, as it can get a bit spicy because of the lemon and the ginger :) (I usually don`t put honey)

I have been drinking this every morning for weeks now, and can`t imagine getting tired of it! Let me know if there`s some herbal tea mix you love!

- Lena xx

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