Thursday, 15 November 2018

Middle of November dietbet check in!

I have been struggling with weight for the past couple years. Well, I weight 10-15 pounds more than I would like to, and it's always hard for me to stick to eating 100% healthy for longer than a couple weeks.

So at the end of October I decided to join a dietbet created by JordanShrinks (she has an awesome weight-loss youtube channel!). I never before joined a dietbed, but I thought that the only thing that'd keep me accountable was the fact that if I wasn't - I'd lose money haha And anyways, my goal is to lose 4% of my body weight, which for me is 3kg (about 6 pounds for you Americans;). And I can do that. Right?

Today is officially the midpoint of November, which means there is two more weeks left until the dietbet ends. I have created a healthy eating plan that I have been sticking to, and I am happy to report that it has been working so far: I have lost 60% of those 4% I need to lose in total, which means I only need to lose 1.2kg to reach my goal!

Of course, I'd love to surpass my goal - but I'm not going to get ahead of myself, don't want to jinx it haha. I am a bit afraid of getting bloated the day of final weigh-in because I should get my period right about that time.. oh god wish me luck 🍀

P. S. I just wanted to say that I usually eat very healthy too. I follow a low carb diet. When I said I can't keep eating 100%  healthy for a longer time, I meant not eating potato (I usually eat them about once a week - as fries, baked in the oven, or similar), cereal and rice cakes - which I usually can't resist eating once or twice a week, bread, ... Nothing very drastic.

- Lena xx

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