Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Hyperinsulinemia and how I`m fixing my life

I woke up about an hour ago, around 7:30 AM. I mentioned in my previous post that I started going to bed early and waking up early to try and improve my health and my life in general. And I think it`s working!

I no longer have dreadful dark under eye bags, I am not as puffy in the morning as I used to be and my skin seems to be glowing. Though the skin thing might be due to large amounts of water I`m drinking (well, large for me- I drink between 1.5 and 2l a day, and I used to drink only a glass or two before).

You see, I used to lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle for the past 5 years I`d say, ever since I started high school up until this last summer (4-5 months ago). I had a really bad time in high school, and I guess all the stress caused me to have insomnia. It was totally normal for me to go to sleep around 3 AM, and then wake up at 6 AM for school. It was awful, but I just wasn`t able to fall asleep easily.

Besides the not being able to sleep, I also developed anxiety and started having panic attacks on a weekly bases. And I started over-eating. I didn`t know what it was, but I just couldn`t resist myself. Well, I found out in June this past summer. I suffered from a chronic illness called hyperinsulinemia.

Hyperinsulinemia is essentially a problem with insulin levels. For example, normal insulin levels after eating should be less than 30 - and mine was over 200! My mum did some research, and we realized that almost all problems I used to have were caused because of that access insulin in my body. So I started taking medication for it at the end of August.

The medicine I`m taking is actually a common drug used to treat type 2 diabetes - Glucophage. It just helps your body produce less glucose from the liver. And it does wonders!

I have been taking it for two and a half months, and about two weeks ago I started feeling sleepy around 10-11 PM - which I haven`t experienced in such a long time! So I started going to sleep when I feel sleepy, and now I go to bed around 9 and wake up around 7 or 8 AM! And I feel so much better! I am still getting used to switching my daily activities from night to morning haha

Other one of side effects is constant undying feeling of hunger, which causes people to gain enormous amounts of weight in short periods of time. I was lucky and have not put that much of weight because I was very physically active my whole childhood (I trained volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, and what not) and a portion of my high school life (I did wing chun kung fu), but my bmi was still somewhere around 26. Well, now I can manage my food crawings and the weight is slowly going down :)

I think that will be it for today`s post, I know I wrote a lot.. But hey, if I`m going to write about the healthy changes in my life, then I should give you a glimpse into how unhealthy I was!

I am going to go study now, I hope you have a wonderful day!

- Lena xx

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