Saturday, 24 November 2018

How to pose for pictures (like a pro!!!)

Everybody has a talent for something. Someone is good at singing, someone is good at drawing, someone is good at cooking, ... Well, I was sorting out pictures I had on my computer, and I have come to find that my talent is modelling.

Yes, yes, I know, I am the best model in the world - I am expecting to hear from model agencies around the world any time now, they`ll want me to train their models you see. Ah, but this can`t be learned, you have to be born with it. I`m sorry to everyone who had their hopes up :(

Researching my own photos, I have made a list of best poses ever, in order to help you be at least 0.1% as fabulous as me. Here`s the list!

1) Make sure to always have food with you. This is good for two reasons:

a) you can do the classical pose (or rather, attempt to) showing off the food you`ve got, and

b) you will always look joyful and happy on pictures as you will never be hangry! (read: hungry + angry) Whenever you feel the huger attack creeping in, just take a bite of whatever you have in your pocket and voila!

2) Throw your hands in the air, and also legs if you manage to. This is good because when people see the pictures they won`t only assume you`re a model, but also a ballerina.

3) Point at your face, a nearby building, a vehicle, or some artwork. But keep in mind that the building should be the fanciest possible, it will increase the overall cuteness of the pic.

4) Laugh. Laugh as hard as you can, ideally until you lose your breath and fall to the floor. But don`t die from lack of oxygen please!!!

Those were my little tips at posing, I hope they were helpful 😊 I know many of you are probably intimidated by how amazing I am at them, but don`t let that stop you! Keep trying, and I promise you will master the art of posing. Well, you`ll never be as good as me...

(I sincerely hope you see that this whole post was written in sarcasm hahaha thought it would be fun to share some of my funny pictures! If you have some of yours - please do share, I`d love to see them! :D)

- Lena xx

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