Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Funny how

I was busy the whole day and didn`t have time to look in the mirror.

Well, I did look in the morning and was not amazed by what I saw (I don`t hate the way I look, but you know how it is sometimes). I went on with my day as I normally would, feeling kinda crappy though.

Anyway, I just went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before going to sleep and caught a glance of myself in the mirror - WOW, I actually look BEAUTIFUL?! Why did I feel so gross the whole day, when I do not look gross at all?

I`ve come to the conclusion that looking at ourselves too much is the beast.

We (or at least I) look in the mirror a lot - when I wake up, when I do my makeup, when I do my hair, when I`m deciding what I`m going to wear, ... and when I`m not looking at the mirror, my phone is usually close by. `Let me check if someone posted a new pic on Instagram` (oh how I hate that app!!). And just maybe decide to take a selfie once in a while, and after not being able to take a cute one for half an hour, deduct that I `look so bad today`. I`m sure I`m not the only one.

But has it ever crossed our minds that maybe we`re just fine, that it`s our camera that`s wrong?

It seems now that everyone is either unhappy with how they look, or afraid to admit to themselves (and others) that they actually like how they look (there are, of course, those rare gems that do think they`re beautiful, and flaunt with it for all to see -you go girl!).

But you know what else I concluded? Little kids think they look beautiful, they love themselves. And what do kids do? Or at least what I did as a kid: I looked in the mirror once or twice a day, while brushing my teeth, and the rest of the day I was out playing with other kids, drawing, doing artistic projects, being happy with what I`ve achieved!

I was not thinking `oh no, i`m not going to run because I will look sweaty`, or `oh no, i am not going to go play in dirt because I`ll look messy` - I just went and did what made me happy. I was not thinking whether I was beautiful or not, and I did not think the way I look would make any difference to the drawings I was making, or solving math problems, or playing my friends. Why do we value beauty so much now? Or rather: why do we give it so much value?

I don`t know. The whole society is a bit weird right now, when it comes to everything. Must be because of these IT revolutions we are living in - people are not used to it all and stuff.

Well, one thing I do know: I`m gonna be looking in the mirror much less from now on, and loving myself a lot more!

- Lena xx

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