Sunday, 25 November 2018

Dealing with stress..

You know, I`m not the best when it comes to coping with stress. It used to be very hard for me to control it, but now I`m better at it. I deal with it by just shutting off any obligations and everything I `have got` to do, and start painting, or drawing, or reading.

But it`s times like these when I know it would be irresponsible of me to go and paint for 5 hours, when I have a lot to study. I try to look at it logically: my exams start in a week which means two things:

a) I only have a week to endure this study-like-crazy mode, and then when I pass exams I`m free until the next round of exams starts in two months! and

b) I have only one more week to manage to learn everything that I need to. That is a short period of time, if I lose even a couple of hours I risk to not have enough time to learn everything.

Looking at it logically I should not panic, but be positive and happy that I have the chance to finish with it all now. If I don`t pass all the exams now, then in two months I`ll have both the new exams and the ones I didn`t manage to pass now - which is not tragic either as it means that even if I fail, it`s still not the end and I have time to learn it better.

But I just feel so exhausted and not being able to take a day off and do nothing AKA paint or read the whole day with no studying in sight.. Sometimes I think I might be more productive the rest of the week if I do take a day off, but I just can`t afford to lose one day of studying.

And besides all this, I feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to go to the school I go to and study what I enjoy. I know that nothing I study is pointless and that it`s all going to pay off and be worth it, but I just can`t not-stress around exam time...

Anyway, I gotta go back to my studying now haha I used art by Harry Hambley in this post - I LOVE his pink little meme-y character (check out his Instagram HERE)

- Lena xx

EDIT: I ended up drawing while listening to Harry Potter audiobook for 15 minutes and now I feel re-charged and ready to kick studying`s ass!! Hahah

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