Monday, 26 November 2018

Bits of My Week #2 : Dietbet update + None of my business

Hellllloo again!

Should it be tradition to start every "Bits of My Week" post with a Snapchat selfie? It`d be so ironic, seeing as I don`t use Snapchat... But look how cute and autumnal this filter is!! I am quite sure I haven`t seen anything so cute before! (well, except puppies, bunnies, koalas, and pretty much any baby animals... nevermind oh)

Anywhoooow, look at my new wallpaper ~ isn`t it fabulous? I don`t change my wallpaper that frequently, maybe couple time a year. But I just love how awesome is this one, featuring classy Ted from HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother - that show is life, if you haven`t watched it yet, I highly suggest it!)

Dayyymn Daniel! Ok I have no idea why that popped into my mind right now, let`s move on from it... I am on track to winning the dietbet I`m currently a part of! I have actually lost about 2lbs more that what my goal was! Which is great because I am about to get my period right at the time of the final weight-in, and I`ll probably get bloated.

And look how cute was this lotus flower my friend made! Soooo cuuuute 😍 I wish I could do such amazing origami, but sadly I can only manage making a "frog" haha.

And lastly, here`s an empty bottle of my favorite shampoo - rip my loved! I used to buy it when I went to Greece, because it`s a Greek brand (very cheam, mind you, probably like less than 2 euros haha) and get like 3-4 bottles so they last me a while. 
 I just love the way my hair feels silky, and smells so dreamy when I use it... But they seem to have stopped producing it, because the last time I went I could only find one bottle, and I visited multiple stores.. And anyway, I won`t be going to Greece in a while now and won`t be able to check it out.. Oh well, I guess my hair is going to have to get used to having a different scent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I just wanted to save the pics of the packaging, in case I find it again.

This week`s most listened songs: 

1. None of My Business - Cher Lloyd
(HOLY COW THIS SONG has been my absolute obsession!!!! I accidentally downloaded it without listening to it, and when I played it for the first time I was so amazed by how chill it is - not to mention that the lyrics are fine af. I`m pretty sure I`ll get sick of it in a matter of week, since I`ve been blasting it non-stop!)

2. When the Party`s Over - Billie Eilish
3. Venom - Eminem

- Lena xx

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