Monday, 19 November 2018

Bits of My Week #1: Studying & watching Harry Potter in cinema


So I`ve decided to start doing these "Bits of my Week" posts. I used to do them when I had my first blog, when I was 14, and it was so nice to look back at it and know what I used to like and do. With time you forget those small things, but it is so nice being able to look back!

To start this post, here`s a little Snapchat selfie I really liked :) (I don`t use Snapchat, I just have it installed for filters - I have no follower/I don`t follow anyone and I never post haha)

I started studying for my exams.. finally. My exams will be on the first week of December, and I have 5 exams - from all subjects I`m taking this semester. So that will be raster graphics (aka Illustrator), 3D modelling and animation (aka Maya), web design (coding in LightTable), Management, and English.

My dad installed his computer screen in my room, so I have two screens for the next two weeks while I study and practice in those programs. I am SO grateful for that, as it is incredibly helpful; I can put video tutorial on one screen, and work in program on the other (if you can do that, I really recommend it, it`ll make your life so much easier!)

A snap from class!! This day we did textures in Maya and it was actually quite easy to learn. I find Maya such a hard program to learn because it is really complicated, and to do one thing you need to click about a thousand times... but hopefully I`ll get the knack for it over time.

Last weekend I went to the small local theater and watched Harry Potter and Philosopher`s Stone! It made me so happy when I saw they`re playing it, as I never watched any Harry Potter movie in cinema, and I am the biggest Harry Potter fan ever! This was, I could easily say, a dream come true for me.

This week`s most listened songs:

1.  One For My Baby - Frank Sinatra
2. Butterflies - Michael Jakcson
3. Liability - Lorde

This wasn`t a very eventful week, just a normal mundane one.. but I like the mundane ones as much as I love the busy ones 😄

- Lena xx

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