Saturday, 2 February 2019

A-Z favourites

I`ve invented this interesting questionnaire about my favorite things - a favorite thing for each letter. 

Artist - Vladimir Kush
Book - The Alchemist
Conspiracy theory - aliens exist
Dish - crepes
Experience - goint to a Guns N Roses concert
Fashion style - hippie, tho most clothing I have are in edgy urban style that I was into while I was in high school haha (clothing is expensive!!)
Genre of music - rock n roll
Hospital food - chicken soup lol
Instrument - acoustic guitar
Joke - it`s not a joke, but: the first person to inhale helium must have been really relieved when the effects wore off
Kpop band - BTS (I`m basic, but I love them!)
Love song - Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt
Movie - Before Sunrise
Nail polish color - currently clear
Oreo kind - I have never tried Ore cookies actually!
Poet - Pablo Neruda
Quote - You owe it to yourself to become everything you`ve ever dreamed of being
Rule - rules are there to be broken :P (no, I really do love rules ahah)
Store - Stradivarius
TV show - How I Met Your Mother
Vegetable - cabbage
Way to prepare eggs - scrambled
Song - 500 Miles!!
Youtuber - Lucy Wood (she`s got such a good sense of humor!)
Zodiac - virgo

What would your answers to this question be?
- Lena xx 

Friday, 1 February 2019

Lovely memories 3

The exams week is still going strong, and I don`t really have time to write a proper post. The last couple of posts ( like the one about my skincare - HERE) were pre-written because I knew I`d be busy and stressed this week. So today I`ve decided to make another post with my old photos, like the one I did last week (THIS one).

My mum snapped this photo while I was getting ready to go to a play in which my first boyfriend starred in. The play was absolutely amazing!! It was about bullying, and it was really powerful. But look at my hair!!!!! So long and beautiful ahhh

Last summer I helped my friend while he was bartending. I enjoyed it as it was so funny, seeing so many people! I totally wouldn`t mind helping out again.

Just before the Scorpions concert started!! Rock n roll is my soul, and there is nothing I enjoy more than going to rock concerts. Unfortunately I wasn`t in the pit, but the tickets were quit expensive for that area. I still had amazing time nevertheless :D

My little doggy and I - isn`t she a cutie?

It`s so crazy to me to see my room so white!! That wall is now full of colorful artwork and pictures, and there`s also a climbing plant across it! 

On the way home from a trip to Greece a few years ago. I really enjoyed the nature as we actually spent a whole month camping in Greece - I felt like a true hippie and I l-o-v-e-d i-t.

Ahahah I don`t know why, I just love this photo! It`s me and a friend from high school, sitting on the floor at this park that young people go to in the evening to hang out. 

The day I went to Guns N Roses concert!!! I am still in awe about that day, I`ll have to do a whole post about it. Guns N Roses are one of my favorite bands.

Well, that is it for today! I`m hoping against hope that I did my exams well... We`ll see. And you go and have a fabulous day :)

- Milena xx

Thursday, 31 January 2019

My favorite eyecream


Today I am here with a post that is a bit (read: quite) different from what I usually write about; today I am sharing a product with you! And NO, no I`m NOT sponsored .. I just like it very much and am thankful it exists so I thought I`d share my amazement with you 😊 (@ Nivea hit me up, I wouldn`t mind getting life stock of these ones!!)

Today I`m talking to you about my favorite face cream/moisturizer! Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day cream. 

To tell you the truth, I just got a new one because there was not a drop left in my last one, and I just thought oh how pretty the package is, so aesthetic and then I opened it and realized how much I missed being able to use a bit more of it - because when I start running out of some cream, I just start using it in smaller and smaller quantities to last me longer haha.

That sparked the idea for the post: what would I do if I haven`t found this product!

I`ve never had bad skin. Yeah it`s dry in some places and oily in others, and I have big pores on my nose and occasional pimple, but I never had acne. And I was always very cautious when buying anything to do with face because I didn`t want to have a bad reaction to it and get acne.

I tried a couple different products and my skin took a turn to worse, I started getting pimples, so I abandoned everything. But then about year and a half ago mum told me to try using the cream that she`s using, and has been using for years (this Nivea one). I tried it and it was amazing!

It is very light on skin, and makes the skin stretchy and smooth, has a nice scent (doesn`t smell too artificial), and is pretty frugal too (about 5 dollars If I`m not mistaken - a big factor for us broke students haha).

Now, obviously everybody`s skin is different and what works for me may not work for someone else. But I just wanted to share my experience with it.

What moisturizer do you use and find good? Tell me in the comments below!

- Lena xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

De-cluttering my makeup drawer


Yesterday I thought it was time to reorganize and clean my makeup drawer a bit, and I decided to write about it. I don`t know if you are like me, but I love to clean all my drawers every couple months or even more frequently - I have no idea how, but random stuff I don`t need anymore just keeps accumulating in there!

And if I don`t clean it up regularly, it will all end up being one big hot mess. That`s why I do it frequently, and why there isn`t a great big difference visible between the before and after pictures.

This is my desk - I keep my makeup in my top drawer. It used to hold my books while I was in primary school, but for a few years it`s been my makeup drawer - such a good decision, much better than keeping everything crammed in a makeup bag.

This is what the drawer looked like before the cleaning.

I love cleaning and organizing my drawers, I don`t know, I`m weird like that. It makes me happy knowing that everything I own, I use, and that it`s not just pointlessly sitting there. I guess I am leaning more towards the minimalist way of thinking - though this drawer doesn`t really look very minimalist... hahaha

The container on the left holds all my necklaces and rings. It used to be my dad`s container for nails and screws, but he kindly gave it to me to store my jewelry - thanks dad <3 haha

The container in the middle holds all the makeup I use fairly frequently: lip gloss, eyeliner, brow pencil and other brow stuff, mascara and lip balm. The container next to it has my face powder, blush, foundation (though I don`t use it as a foundation, I use it as concealer woopsie) and a few highlighters.

The big container in the back has my eye shadow palettes and a body spray, and there are also two jars: one holding my makeup brushes and the other one holding my lip liners. My brushes are small, so they fit in perfectly with the height of the drawer!

Oh, and there`s a small container with my nail polishes in the far back, behind the jars.

I took everything out of the drawer and cleaned it with a wet rag. Before putting the containers back in, I took everything out of them and evaluated whether I need it or not. And this is very easy to do! I just think like this: `How many times have I used this in the past year` - if the answer is zero, or maybe once, then I get rid of it.

There were also a couple of things that were not supposed to be there (like my mum`s necklace, and adhesive bandages - I use them when I have to wear uncomfortable shoes!).

It maybe doesn`t look like much has been done, but I can see the difference. It`s less cluttered, and the makeup that I do not need anymore I`ve given to my sister - the matte face powder, beauty blender and highlighter. It`s better to give it to someone who will use it, instead of it being in my drawer!

I`ve also put away two of my sparkling blue-ish and purple-ish eyeliners into my crafting supplies.. I almost never use them as they are so hard to wear - I can never find the right occasion for them! And they`d be much more usable for my drawings :) 

How frequently do you have little drawer-organizing/cleaning parties?

- Lena xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Another 5 weird facts about me


So some time ago I wrote a post about 5 weird facts about me (check it out HERE) and it was SO fun thinking of all the weird things about me. Well, to me they`re normal, but are probably weird to others hahah. So I decided to write another one, as I was amused thinking whether I`ll be able to finds 5 more facts that not that common! I did it(!!!)

Here they are:

1. When I had facebook in high school, I set my last name to be `Mercury` as in Freddie Mercury`s last name. I`ve just always loved that man sooo much and thought he was the best musical vocal that ever existed. Anyway, kids from school used to call me that because of my facebook name and every time we had mercury mentioned in tasks in chemistry, they`d read my name instead of saying mercury ahaha

2. I can only blow my nose using my left hand. This was so funny to me when I realized it, because I didn`t notice it before! When I was a kid I broke my right elbow and due to complications I wasn`t able to use my hand for a very long time - so I used my left hand for everything. When my arm became functional again I switched back to it and learner writing with it, but I guess I got used to doing everything else with my left hand!

3. I was born on the same day as Michael Jackson - 29th of August! And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Michael Jackson. You cannot imagine how amazed and in awe I was when I discovered we shared birthdays (I was  around 11-12 when I got into his music). Like destiny!

4. Another birthday related fact: when I was in high school, there were two other people in my class who share the same birthday as me! And I actually celebrated my 19th birthday with one of them! Him and I dressed the same: Black jeans and red plaid shirts and it was so funny! Everyone laughed and was so confused when we opened the doors to let them in ahaha This is us! (unfortunately I don`t have any more pictures as I used my phone for music, so the whole night it was connected to the stereo :(( )

5. When my sister was a baby, nobody understand what she was saying (they thought it was jut baby gibberish) but me! So I`d always translate it for everyone hahah Honestly, everything she said seemed so logical to me, couldn`t understand how they didn`t get it!

- Lena xx

Monday, 28 January 2019

My Skincare!

Hello my beauties! 

Skincare is something I care about a lot. I believe that no makeup can match to the beauty of healthy skin. I also

For a long time I didn`t do anything with my skin - I didn`t put moisturizers, nor creams nor anything. My skin was never bad so I thought there was no need for any of it still.

But then I realized that my skin was very dry, and that it was probably inevitable for it to only get worse and worse with time. And I didn`t want to get wrinkles when I`m 20 years old, so I started looking into skincare more.

I watched people on Youtube raving about some skin products, different creams and elixirs and moisturizers, but I was always wary of anything that goes on skin because skin is our largest organ. Everything you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream and makes an impact on your health immediately, without you noticing it. If you eat organic food to avoid chemicals and be healthy, why do you put creams full of chemicals on your whole body and face?

Of course they don`t put harmful things in something that people will massively use, but I cannot say I believe that it is all 100% harmless. It was made in a laboratory.

Also I was wondering what if I take advice from someone online - a youtuber, or a blogger, and it turns out that their skin care wasn`t good in the long run and my skin starts looking bad in 10 years? Where`s the proof that it will be healthy for me?

After a quick thinking pause I had my answer: I`ll just copy my mum`s skincare and modify it a little, because my mum has great skin! She never goes to facials or anything like that because it`s expensive, but her skin looks better than most people I know her age! She looks at least 10 years younger than she is and has next to no wrinkles nor Sun damage.

Obviously, everybody`s skin is different and  I am NOT saying you should do what I do. I`m just telling you what I find works for me.

Before I go on to my skincare, I have to say that the most important thing for skin is food that we eat and how much water we drink. If you have cracky dry skin, try drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day (about 60 oz? 0.5 gallons? :) and cut down all sugars. Increase your intake of veggies and fruits, and try to eat less simple carbohydrates such as bread, past, pastry, etc. Give it a couple of weeks, and you`ll see an improvement I promise!


  • Cleansing

I wash my face with water every morning. I used to use face soaps, but I`ve come to the conclusion that they will make your skin look beautiful - but that your skin will get dependent on it and if you skip a day or stop using it, your skin will immediately get oily and dirty.

I discovered this when I went on a vacation and forgot the soap; my skin was worse for a couple of days, and after it cleared up my skin was as good as it was before and I was using only water now. This is what companies do to make you keep buying their products. It`s the same with lipbalms - you need to keep reapplying them every 5 minutes either your lips get all crackly and dry!

  • Exfoliating

 I exfoliate my skin maybe once a week, sometimes once in 10 days. I don`t know whether that is good or not, as some beauty vloggers do it almost daily, but I just can`t imagine it being healthy, stripping your skin off all natural oils and protection so frequently.

I try to be all-natural with it as well, as little particles from store-bought defoliators frequently contain small particles that end up going into the ocean - and I hate the thought of that! I use ground cornmeal that you can buy at a grocery store and it is wonderful! I just mix 1-2 tablespoons of it with a 1 tablespoon of water, and voila! :)

  • Masks:

The only mask I use is Green Clay mask. It tightens pores, reduces shine and removes impurities. I`ve been using it since forever, it works great and it`s natural. I put it on probably twice a month, when I remember to haha

Green clay mask

Green clay mask

  • Moisturizing:

Every other day I put almond oil while my face is still wet with water (without water skin wouldn`t be able to absorb the oil). My face looks oily for 2-3 hours (but it doesn`t look bad, it just looks glowy), but after it`s all soaked in, the skin is left soft and healthy looking.

I don`t do this every day because I don`t want my skin to get used to oils and stop producing it`s natural oils, that`s why I do it about 3 times a week.

Almond oil

On days when I don`t put oil, I use Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day cream (this one). It prevents wrinkles by supporting skin`s own anti-ageing process, and it also has SPF 30 (protects from Sun damage).

Honestly, the reason I chose it is because I used to get pimples when I used some other creams (like Panthenol for example) and mum told me to try hers, as it never gave her any problems - and it worked! So for the past year-year and a half I`ve been using it and it`s worked wonderfully!

Nivea Q10 Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day Cream

Nivea Q10 Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer Day Cream


My bodycare is very simple. Very. Also very similar to my face care routine haha

I put almond oil on my wet skin after taking a shower, tho I don`t put it every day as I don`t want my skin to get used to it and stop producing it`s own oils. I use a homemade soap my mum makes to wash, as I find it much healthier for my skin than the store-bought ones (I know for sure there are no chemicals, etc). And I exfoliate my skin with ground cornmeal about once a week - just like my face haha. Simple, yet works wonders!

Homemade soap my mum makes

Homemade soap my mum makes

I do use this Chamomile Hand and Nail Cream by Green Pharmacy. It has pretty much all natural ingredients and real chamomile extract. It smells wonderful, and leaves my hands soft for a long time (it DOES NOT dry them out in 20min so that I have to reapply it again - like most hand creams do!)

Chamomile hand and nail

Chamomile hand and nail cream

This will be it for this post, I know it`s very loooong and very detailed, but hopefully I could help someone 😊 `Till next time!

- Lena xx

Sunday, 27 January 2019

I am publishing my first book!

Yup, you`ve read it right! I AM PUBLISHING A BOOK.

Well, not at this right second. Right now I`m just trying to survive my exams that are starting tomorrow. Yaaayyy! (can you sense the sarcasm?)

But assuming I do survive the exams, I will get back to what I`ve been doing the past couple weeks: editing my book for publishing.

I`ve decided to self publish it as it seems like the best option for me right now. I will publish it as an ebook, and print only a couple of copies - in case somebody does want to have a physical copy of it. In case people like it and a publishing company approaches me, I`ll be more than happy to sign with them! As long as I like their offer that is, of course.

I have done the biggest part of the work: the writing. But there is still a lot left to do, so I`ve decided to make a list of all the things I need to do before putting it into sale:

  • Finish drawing the illustrations. I have 5/25 done so far. It`s a week`s worth of work at most.
  • Scan the drawings and have them in electric format, ready to insert while editing the book.
  • Find an editor and let them do the final editing (wrongly typed letters, check the grammar, etc) 
  • Format the book. Scratch that. Learn how to format the book.
  • Format the book.
  • Choose a font
  • Make the cover of the book
  • Get someone to write the description.
  • Get portrait done
  • Write author`s bio
  • Final editing
  • Make two versions: ebook and a physical 
  • Find out how self publishing on Amazon works
  • Set up a proper paypal account and card
  • What are royalty fees? Do they exist in my country?
  • Copyrights?
  • Shipping cost to other countries/continents? 
If I think of something else, I`ll add it to the list. But so far, this is what`s on my mind. Slowly but surely, I hope to finish everything by the end of this year.

- Lena xx

Saturday, 26 January 2019

2019 Resolutions

Most people have probably thought of New Year`s resolutions on January 1st, and by now have started forgetting about them. That`s why I`m writing them now ;)

Here is a list of things I want to achieve in 2019:

1. Have my first art gallery show

2. Sell my first painting

3. Work on my soul and my spiritual journey

4. Finish my junior year of university

5. Start my second series of paintings

6. Start working more seriously as an illustrator

7. Start doing voluntary work at an orphanage

8. Grow my instagram profile

9. Learn more about art history

10. Start a podcast specialized in art history

11. Become fluent in German

12. Read 24 books (at least)

13. Start writing other books that I have on my mind

14. Be more grateful

15. Publish my first book

Do you have any plans for 2019?

- Lena xx

Friday, 25 January 2019

Lovely memories 1


I have a ton of pictures, well, because I am obsessed with taking pictures... Don`t judge me, it`s a great hobby to have! With photographs you get to capture all the moments that would`ve otherwise have a big chance of being forgotten!

Anyway, I thought I`d do a couple of these `Lovely memories` posts, as there is so many photos I have yet I don`t look at them very often.

The first time my dog met a duck - a baby duck, that is! 

Before I realized what a fiasco the Fantastic Beasts movies would be! Look at that smile on my face, ahh while I still thought anything to do with Harry Potter`s magical world can`t possibly be bad

When I dressed up to go and watch Chicago play. The scenography was breath taking!

A picture my friend snapped of me while we were in the first row at a concert. Just look at how happy I am! I sweat I`m at my best when I`m at concerts!

Me getting ready (doing my makeup) for my 14th birthday. I`d managed to convince mum to let me do my nails professionally and try on heels for the first time, so I was the happiest person in the world lol (I did not wear heels anywhere in public, don`t worry!)

Some of my favorite photos - one of my best friends and I waiting for concerts to start, sitting on the floor in the first row. In the first photo we`re 19 years old, and in the second we`re 18! We had to wait a couple hours, so I decided to sit as I didn`t want to lose all my energy just for standing. So she sat too, and after half an hour everyone in fan pit were sitting on the floor too! We also started singing, because I don`t have a sense of shame, it seems ahaha

Isn`t it a staple to make a heart out of rocks when you`re on summer holidays, even when you are not in love?!

Once upon a time I actually used to dance tango!

The most beautiful sunset I`d ever seen.

Until I come back with a proper post: bye, and hope you have a lovely day!

- Milena xx

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Bits and pieces

I thought I`d do a short recap of what has been happening for the past month - since I`ve been gone from the blog. I am the worst blogger, I knoooow - but nobody reads this anyway, right?

Here`s a short recap in points, as I can`t find it in myself to write a proper post!

I passed all my December exams.

I am back on gluten!! I haven`t eaten it for a year, but after a blood analyses my doctor told me I can start eating it again (and it`s been my downfall..... I`ve got to cut carbs asap!!)

I interconnected with my dear friend M after a year, and went to listen  to her play music live at a birthday party! I`m waiting for my exams to finish to see her again and I can`t wait.

I cut my bangs. Again. ... and I couldn`t be happier about it!

On New Year`s day (well, on the 31st) I went to two of my friends` houses and did their hair and makeup for the parties they were going to that evening. It was so nice to see my friend N again, as I hadn`t seen her for a few months due to our crazy schedules in universities. I wish I could see her more often, I love her and her company very, very much

I celebrated New Year`s eve and Christmas at home with my family, and it was very nice. Listened to some 80s music!

Been sick for over two weeks, but managed to get over it without antibiotics! Flu is truly a terrible thing...

Finished final project for my web design class (we had to make a mock up of our portfolio website) and I am very proud of it! I am waiting for professor`s feedback on it, and am thinking about actually using it when I decide to launch my professional website

Jessie Cave. She`s the actress who played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter movies. Well, I accidentally stumbled upon her instagram and found out she is an artist now - and I love her artwork so much!! You can check it out HERE, but it`s just so cute and bright and simple and creative!

My January exams start on Monday and I am SO scared (!!!) I really want to pass them, but at the same time I`ve, for some unknown reason, been finding it really hard to concentrate on  my studies. I know I have to do it, and I have the will to do it, I am just in a bit of a funk!!

I STARTED EDITING MY FIRST BOOK!!! I`ll write more about this in a separate post :)

Hope you`re doing well.

- Lena xx